Crib Skirt Made By Me

A crib skirt should be such a simple and easy thing to find, right? Wrong! Or at least wrong for me! I was not picky, I just wanted something in gray and white chevron print that was simple and did not come in a “bedding set” like most places sell and I did not want to spend excessive amounts of money for something so simple. So I searched and searched site after site and many baby stores (or stores with baby bedding in them) until I gave up!

I decided to make the skirt! And why not? It shouldn’t be that difficult! But just in case, I searched on Pinterest and google for tutorials about how to make a crib skirt that I would be pleased with. First, I found this pin that apparently leads nowhere but showed an idea that seemed brilliant to me! Instead of a typical bed/crib skirt why not leave out the base and use ribbon ties so you can adjust the height?!  But I still did not have particulars on how to make the rest of it.

I thought about winging it but didn’t want to waste material if it turned out badly. So I searched and found a few sites with tutorials for easy, simple crib skirts, each with slight variations. Many were “no-sew” skirts for those who do not have access or skill to do so. However, I love sewing so why not actually SEW? That’s when I came across this blog with instructions for creating essentially a panel crib skirt. Instead of sewing all the sides together, you create a square/panel for each side and attach to the crib itself. This blog showed me the other part I needed for creating this skirt.

So I found the “how to” by combining both aspects from the pin and the blog. Now to find the material. I thought with chevron being a popular pattern and gray and white being so simple that finding material would be easy! Well, it took some more searching the few fabric stores around here without much luck and sorting through fabric ordering websites before I found the material I wanted from Etsy! Ta-da!


So I ordered the material, I had the directions/plan, all I needed was the crib so I could take accurate measurements. Once that was delivered and set up, I took my measurements and added additional inches as per the blog.

I cut the four panels according to the measurements calculated. The two long sides (front and back) were cut to be 52.5″ by 14″. The two short sides (sides of crib) were cut at 26.5″ by 14″. {It isn’t actually necessary to do the back panel but I had the material and figured why not, just incase the back showed at some later point/arrangement.}

I then pressed and pinned the four sides of each panel being careful with the overlapping corners. Also, because this had a uniform pattern, I had to be careful when pressing that the chevron print would be straight across when finished. This is why in the picture below the material folded over is not straight across. While I cut it straight, the pattern was a bit off. **This part would be much easier with a solid material or a pattern that was not so uniform.*


So I pressed and pinned all four panels. Next, I cut ribbon for each of the four panels. Because of the set up of my crib base {see pictures below}, the ribbons for the side of the skirt had to be longer in order to reach the wires to secure it. For the long sides I used four ribbon ties and the short sides three. *In hindsight, if I were to do this again, I would have gotten two spools of ribbon and attach more ties to each panel, but I had one spool and had to limit my ties.* So, I got everything all prepped and ready for sewing. Panels were all pressed and pinned…


…and my ribbon ties were all cut and separated.


Then, I sewed along each of the panel edges so to keep the edges as a hem. **A little tip– When I came to the corners I would lower my needle, lift the foot of the machine, and turn the material so it would be a continuous stitch.

Then, because some of the edges had excess material after the stitch, I cut off the excess so it would not get in the way.

Next, I measured and pinned the ribbon ties to the backside of the panels in the placement I desired. I measured in 2″ on each end for each panel. Then for the short sides, I put the third in the middle of the two other ties. For the long side I placed the other two ties equally distanced between the other (end) ties.


Next, to “tack” the ribbon ties in place, I used a stitch on my machine which is supposed to be used for buttons. I simply tacked the ribbon in two places securing it to the material.



That’s it for sewing! Now to attach it to the crib. {This is what I meant for the type of crib base I had..the “spring”/wire like base”. And because the short sides of the crib have farther to reach for the wire than the long sides, I put the long ribbon ties on those sides.

So I positioned each panel around the crib by tying the ribbon to the base so the top of the skirt barely reaches over the edge of the frame.


Some were long enough to tie in bows for easy adjustment in the future. Others were tied in soft knot as they were shorter {still will be easy to untie in the future}.


All four panels are on the crib which is set to the uppermost level. When the crib is lowered I can adjust the ties by pulling the panels up and securing the ties at a higher level on the base. However, with the way this crib is I may not need a skirt at all when lowered {we shall see!}.

Here is the final look! The simple, gray and white chevron crib skirt I was hoping for! The perfect addition for baby boy’s nursery!




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